Who will be present at the non-jury hearing?

The officer who issued the traffic ticket and any other witnesses called by the officer or any other witnesses that you wish to call to testify on your behalf. If you choose to subpoena witnesses on your behalf, it will be your responsibility for the preparation and costs, generally costing $27 per person. Most civil infractions are heard by hearing officers. Contested parking ticket cases are also heard by the hearing officers.

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1. What is a criminal traffic or misdemeanor charge?
2. What is a civil traffic infraction?
3. How soon after issuance must I pay the ticket?
4. What if I receive a letter from the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Florida DHSMV) informing me that my license will be suspended?
5. Can I get an extension for my payment due date?
6. Can I get an extension for my court date?
7. What happens if the ticket is not paid?
8. How do I enter a not guilty plea to a civil traffic infraction?
9. Who will be present at the non-jury hearing?
10. What must I do if the court finds me guilty?
11. Can the clerk's office advise me of points assessed against my license?