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Jul 15

Four Ways to Avoid Overpaying for Copies of Your Deeds and Other Public Records

Posted on July 15, 2021 at 10:47 AM by Hayley Phillips

The housing market is hot, and Polk County is no exception. That also means that companies are looking to cash in by targeting recent homebuyers.

Private companies are using official-looking letters to mislead homeowners into overpaying for copies of their property deeds. These carefully crafted letters urge residents to pay as much as $95 for public records. Don’t overpay for records you can easily get from your local Clerk’s office for just a few dollars.

These solicitations are not illegal, but they often use high-pressure tactics intended to bully or frighten you. Don’t let them fool you!

If your deed or other official record is recorded in Polk County, the Polk County Clerk’s office is here to help you get the information you need. Here are four tips to avoid overpaying for copies of your records:

Be wary of unsolicited letters urging you to respond immediately

Our office does not send out notices asking you to purchase a copy of your deed or other documents.

Search online for free

Uncertified copies of deeds, mortgages, liens, court judgments, marriage licenses, and more can be downloaded and printed for free from our website using the official records search tool.

Request a certified copy for a small fee

We can provide you with printed copies of your records for just $1 per page, and they can be certified for an additional $2. You can even request certified copies online using the Public Information and Electronic Requests tool on our website.

If you’re not sure, give us a call

If you’re uncertain about a solicitation or notice you receive in the mail, or have questions about obtaining copies of your public records, please contact our office at 863-534-4000 or visit our website.