Virtual Court

Virtual Court

Virtual court links for Polk County

Help Resources

It is critical to prepare for your virtual court appearance.  View these two resources prior to your court date so that you are ready for this important event.

Virtual Court Microsoft Teams Instructions
Polk County courts use the Microsoft Teams application for virtual court hearings. 

Rules for Virtual Court Hearings
This video provides rules and guidance for those who are appearing in a virtual court hearing. You must read all the instructions provided in your notice for the virtual hearing, including any instructions that address who you should contact if you have technical difficulties that prevent you from connecting to or participating in your hearing. 

These resources were developed by the Florida Supreme Court's Workgroup on Access to Justice, which is improving court access for DIY  customers. 

Clerk Butterfield in a conference room with the Clerk seal and Florida flag behind her“I am not only focusing on improving DIY services for customers in Polk County, but as an appointed member of the Florida Supreme Court's Workgroup on Access to Justice, I am also helping with statewide efforts. I actively involve myself at all levels of government to help create cohesive and seamless service for all.”