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E-Filing Portal Release

Effective, October 29, 2022, the PDF documents will no longer be attached to the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF). As is done in the Federal Court, a link to the document(s) submitted will be provided in place of the PDF document(s) in the NEF. Currently, it is planned that the link will be viable for seven days (excluding weekends) after our office has accepted the submission or it is abandoned. The decision to provide a link, rather than the documents themselves, was made primarily because of the size restriction of most email providers which are set at a 5MB restriction on an email attachment. For some documents attached to a NEF, the Portal has had to break down files into 5MB file sizes in order to provide E-service to the designated parties. For those large files that are broken into pieces, the Portal must send multiple emails to provide service and the E-service recipients have had to put the document back together. So, the Portal Technical Team has been able to provide a link to the complete document in the email Notification of Electronic Filing (NEF), instead of attaching the PDF document, or a portion thereof.

After the filed documents are accepted by our office, the document(s) will be available, as usual, in the Portal on the My Cases page, by clicking on the case number and then the document name, or by going our website.

E-Filing Information

Visit the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal for all of the information you need to E-File.

Judicial Assignment

To find the current judicial assignments, visit the 10th Judicial Circuit’s listing.
A detailed phone, hearing room, and chamber listing is available under the applicable section of the 10th Judicial Circuit's website.

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