Do-It-Yourself Court Filings

Prepare your own court forms in three easy steps utilizing our interactive TurboCourt tool. This service helps you prepare forms to begin a new Landlord-Tenant Dispute (eviction), Injunction for Protection (restraining order), Family Law Dissolution of Marriage (divorce), or Small Claims case.

1. Register for a Free Account

Select the link below for the case type you need to file and then register for a free account. The information you provide will be saved, encrypted, and available to you at any time. If you plan to print your forms at our office, DO NOT use a social media account to register. Use your email address.

2. Generate and Sign Forms

Log into your TurboCourt account to prepare forms to begin the process. Don't forget to sign the forms. People often miss this step and it delays processing times.


There are no fees when using these Do-It-Yourself (DIY) forms to prepare your forms.

3. Submit Forms

The forms you generate in step 2 are not filed until you complete step 3 to submit the forms to the Clerk's office. There are three ways that you can submit your forms.

  • DIY via TurboCourt: The option will be available once you complete the forms in your account.
  • DIY via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal
  • In Person at the Bartow Courthouse: Visit the Clerk’s Civil Department, which is located on the first floor of the Bartow Courthouse. If you used TurboCourt to prepare your forms, you will need to log in to your account to access the forms you created. You must have your username and password with you. At the courthouse, you will print and sign your forms and submit them to a deputy clerk to file with the courts. If you speak a foreign language, it is recommended that you bring an interpreter to help you. If you are filing an eviction case, you must file it at the courthouse designated for the property zip code. View the full rules.


There are no fees to file an injunction for protection (restraining order). 

All other case types:


If you need help generating and submitting forms:

  • TurboCourt Resources Section
  • Florida Courts E-Filing Portal How To Section
  • In Person at the Bartow Courthouse: The Clerk's office offers a DIY Center with dedicated staff to assist customers with DIY filings.