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Inspector General

The Department of Inspector General conducts independent, comprehensive audits and investigations under the authority of the Polk County Clerk. The objective of these audits is to add value and improve Polk County operations.
The Inspector General performs a wide range of internal audits, including financial, administrative, operational, and compliance audits.  The Department also works in cooperation with the Probate Division of the Clerk to fulfill the Clerk’s statutory duty to audit guardianship reports filed with Florida’s 10th Judicial Circuit. In addition, the Department provides investigative services and internal consultation to the Board of County Commissioners as authorized by the Clerk, and assists the County’s external auditors with the year-end financial audit.

Under Florida Statutes, the Clerk serves as the ex officio County auditor. In Polk County, this function is fulfilled, in part, by the Department of Inspector General. The Department is responsible for auditing and investigating operations of the Board of County Commissioners and of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, as well as projects and functions performed by contractors doing business with the County, and County revenue sources. The Department’s audit and investigative functions serve as an important check and balance for County operations. To provide the highest degree of independence, the Inspector General reports directly to the Clerk and Comptroller, who is an elected Constitutional Officer, independent of the Board of County Commissioners.

The Inspector General audit reports below are in a PDF format and must be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Audit 2013-01 Compliance with County Cell Phone Policy

Audit 2013-02 Polk County Fire Assessments

Audit 2013-03 Vehicle and Equipment Parts Management Agreement

Audit 2014-02 Vehicle Purchase and Sale Agreement 

Audit 2014-03 Indigent Health Care - phase 1 Eligibility Testing

Audit 2014-04 Showcase Transactional Audit

Audit 2014-05 DHSMV Database Access Controls

Audit 2014-07 Residential Waste Program Services Assessment Roll

Audit 2015-01 Hope Now

Audit 2015-02 Section 8 Housing Assistance Program

Audit 2015-03 Indigent Health Care – phase 2 Analysis of Funds

Audit 2015-04 Purchasing Card Controls - Utilities

Audit 2015-05 2015 Annual DAVID Audit

Audit 2015-07 Roll Cart Inventory

Audit 2016-03 2016 Annual DAVID Audit

Audit 2016-06 Vehicle & Equipment Parts Management Follow-up

Project 2013P-01 Petty Cash Counts

Project 2013P-02 Cash Controls Review

Project 2013P-04 Waste & Recycling Scalehouse Controls

Project 2014P-02 Emergency Overtime Controls-Traffic Section

Project 2014P-04 Cash Controls Follow-up Review

Project 2016P-05 A Unannounced Cash Counts - Parks & Natural Resources

Project 2016P-05 B Unannounced Cash Counts - Tourism & Sports Marketing

Project 2016P-05 C Unannounced Cash Counts - Building Division

Project 2016P-05 D Unannounced Cash Counts – Utilities

Project 2016P-05 E Unannounced Cash Counts - Waste and Recycling

Project 2016P-07 Petty Cash Count Follow-up Review

Investigation 2015-08 Vehicle Purchase Investigation

Investigation 2015-12 Hope Now Investigation

Reporting Fraud, Waste or Abuse

The Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller is committed to preventing fraud and maintaining an environment in which internal controls can be established and improved. A crucial element of internal control is a mechanism for preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse of County resources.

The Clerk has established several means for employees and citizens to report potential fraud, waste or abuse by employees, contractors, vendors, citizens, or other entities that have a business relationship with Polk County. All complaints received will be reviewed by the Clerk’s Inspector General to determine if sufficient information has been obtained in order to conduct a meaningful investigation. By virtue of the Florida Whistleblower Act , employees who report suspected fraud are protected from retaliation by management or other employees.

We encourage reporting via the fraud hotline, during business hours, whereby you can remain anonymous while speaking with an investigator. This allows us to ask questions and gather sufficient information to conduct a meaningful investigation. Preliminary review of allegations is made to determine the probability that alleged acts could have occurred. We may not be able to investigate vague allegations or complaints left on voice mail, if further information cannot be obtained.

What to Report:

  • Violations of federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations
  • Theft, waste or misuse of County assets or resource
  • Violations or circumvention of County policies or State or Federal regulations

What Not to Report:

  • General complaints, suggestions or personnel issues
  • Fraud, waste or abuse of non-County resources (however, if you call, we may be able to refer you to the proper agency)
  • Issues of extreme urgency, such as threat of violence or harassment

How to Report

Call the fraud hotline: (863) 534-7689. Call during business hours and be prepared to provide specific information, such as names, dates, contracts, locations, and other pertinent information. If you wish to remain anonymous, and you are calling after normal business hours, leave a call-back number and state that you wish your identity to be protected.


Mail specific information to:
Lita McHugh, CPA, CIG
Inspector General 
Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller
P.O. Box 9000, Drawer CC-14
Bartow, FL 33831


Person(s) involved, to the extent known:

Telephone, address, title, Division, location, phone number, work responsibilities, contract or services, to the extent known:

Describe the complaint, with as much specific information as possible:

If you want to be available to answer questions, should we need more information, provide as much information as you wish below. Please indicate whether you wish us to protect your identity:






City:   State:   Zip:

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