Performance Measures

The Clerk of Court Operations Corporation (CCOC) was created in 2004 by the Florida Legislature. Included in the bill creating the CCOC was a requirement to create and monitor performance measures. Over the five years since the creation of the CCOC a number of performance measures have been implemented to measure those court related activities for which Clerks are responsible. For each of these measures a standard was established. Clerks are required to both self report and, to the extent that performance falls below the standard set by the CCOC, the Clerk must provide the actions that will be taken to bring the performance to or above standards.

Timeliness of Case Creation: The percentage of cases created within X business days from the time the case was clocked in.

Timeliness of Docket Entry: The percentage of docket entries created within X business days from the time clocked in/action taken date.

Collection Rate of Fines, Fees and Costs: Actual percentage of Fines, Fess, and Costs collected during 5 business quarters from the time assessed. 

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